Lab presents at IAGLR 2015, Burlington, VT

Congrats to Greg Boehm and the undergrads, Sarah Halperin and Bridget Vial (guided by Rachel Cable), for a great poster presenting their year’s work developing and carrying out new methods to quantify plastic debris in the Great Lakes. Greg did a stellar job presenting at the International Association for Great Lakes Research Annual Meeting in Burlington, VT this past week.

Melissa D. gave a talk presenting research updates on the latest work from UM’s Great Lakes Plastic Consortium. She then hosted a successful, well attended and active 3 hr breakout session with the Great Lakes research community to discuss the state of the art, current challenges, and future directions of study regarding plastic pollution in the Lakes.

  Also at IAGLR was a superb team of undergraduates, advised by Dr Laura Alford from UM Engineering, to present their prototype for a self cleaning filter to be installed in waste water treatment plants to prevent plastic from escaping in WWTP effluent. Excellent work and presentation!



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